Brick Rigs – Cool sandbox with realistic destructibility and physics


After almost seven years of early access, the Brick Rigs sandbox has been released.

The gameplay of Brick Rigs is a mixture of different things within one game. It’s a construction site simulator, it’s a puzzle game, it’s a physics game, it’s a car simulator. All these things combined make this game unique and fun.

  • Developer: Fluppisoft
  • Publisher: Fluppisoft
  • Release Date: 14 Jul, 2023

One of the main advantages of the game is its endless possibilities for creativity. You can create any kind of vehicles, from simple cars to complex planes and spaceships. Moreover, you can construct various objects such as buildings, bridges and even giant robots. All this looks very realistic thanks to stunning graphics and sound.

But Brick Rigs isn’t just about creativity. The game has many exciting missions and competitions in which you can participate in your own vehicles. You can compete with other players, overcome various obstacles and complete various tasks.

Brick Rigs graphics are really good. I like how the screen looks like a real movie. For example, when you’re building something, the camera goes into the scene and you can build it. It’s really cool. You can also take a picture of your creation and save it. You can also build something and then save it. It’s awesome. It has a lot of different colors and it’s so cool. They also have Lego characters. The best thing is that you can save your progress. It’s really good and it’s really cool and it’s fun.

In addition, the game has many settings and features that allow you to customize the game to your personal preferences. You can select a game mode, customize physical settings, and more.

Overall, I can say that Brick Rigs is one of the best games in its genre. It offers a lot of opportunities for creativity and entertainment, as well as amazing graphics and sound. I recommend this game to everyone who loves construction sets and wants to spend time with benefit and pleasure!

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  1. As a child, I loved to collect Lego cars and then smash them against the wall))) This game is a good reminder of my childhood)

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