BIGFOOT – The hunt continues


It’s been quite some time since this game was released in early access. And even now, 6 years later, it is in early access, but it still does not lose its appeal for a certain category of gamers.
The game, through the efforts of the developers, continues to evolve, improving the game mechanics and graphical style. And at this stage looks almost complete project.

  • Developer: CyberLight Game Studio
  • Publisher: CyberLight Game Studio
  • Release Date (Early Access): 31 Jan, 2017

The main point of this game is to find and kill a snow beast. This game can be played with up to four people. There are a variety of different equipment for catching and finding Bigfoot. At the beginning of the game, you can find basic items. These include traps, first aid kits, cameras, pistols, and rifles. Each item in the arsenal makes it easier to get through the game. For example, cameras can be placed in locations and used to check where the monster is. Traps cause a little damage to Bigfoot and can stop him for a couple of seconds. You can also find a powerful M4 weapon, which is usually in a safe. In order to open the safe, you will need to find the secret code.

Map. The game is one big location where there are mini points where you can find ammunition and first aid kits. These points keep various secrets about the victims that Bigfoot caught. There are also other animals on the map that try to take away your health. In addition, Bigfoot himself sets various traps, which you often have to fall into.
The cameras here are made very conveniently – after installing them you can rotate them in all directions, getting a 360-degree view, but on the other hand, the reaction to movement is missing, and you have to check each of the eight constantly.
You have to think about traps in particular – you see, now you can’t put them point-blank to the trailer where the player is sitting, but now you can put meat in them and camouflage them with leaves.

In the first time after it was released in early access, the game was very buggy. Bigfoot was like running constantly running somewhere. Often he just ran away from us or ran on the same trajectory. It was impossible to catch up with him. Sometimes Bigfoot would walk with us and not attack.

But after a lot of updates in recent years, things have changed a lot. The game has become smoother and smarter. Bigfoot now has new behavior mechanics – he behaves more realistically. There are new difficulty levels and new devices for catching the monster, and Bigfoot himself has become much more cunning. Now he can heal his health by eating other animals on the map. Also the graphics in the game has changed a lot. Added new technologies that improve lighting, volumetric light, fog, rays and so on. The game started to look no worse than some modern AAA project.

In our opinion, the game is undeservedly neglected, because worthy games in such a setting can be counted literally on fingers.
Play Bigfoot exclusively in the company of friends, as one will get bored very soon. The first minutes you are really afraid of this monster, and after a while it becomes almost the meaning of your life – to find this monster.
Unfortunately, after you catch it there is simply nothing left to do in the game. It is clear, of course, that the game is about catching Bigfoot, but if the developers had included hunting for other mysterious monsters and even an alien, it would be really great and would extend the game time.
Bigfoot is just a godsend for fans of cooperative horror. A horror that impresses not only with a huge monster, but also with a great atmosphere of the forest, flavored with great graphics.

In its category, the game deserves a pretty high preliminary rating from our side. Considering that the game is still in early access, we won’t scold it for some shortcomings. The developers are quite actively engaged in finalizing their game, so hopefully, the product will be released soon and will get its deserved share of fans.

Preliminary evaluation of the game

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  1. I remember playing a Finding Bigfoot game a long time ago. Is that the same game? Kinda similar, but it looks a little different.
    The graphics look better.

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