‘Barbie’ surpasses ‘Joker’ record in second weekend of international release


Portal Collider noticed that “Barbie” managed to beat the record “Joker” in international box office on the second weekend.
The drop in the box office of the first film during this period amounted to only 31% (for Joker 35%), allowing to collect an additional $127 million on international markets (for the same Joker – $47 million).

Thus, the fresh picture showed the best result among the films of Warner Bros. during this period in the international arena – she had previously outperformed The Dark Knight.
At the same time, the total fees of “Barbie” have already exceeded $ 780 million – at the same time, “Joker” they exceed $ 1 billion.

By the way, earlier Ridley Scott said that watching the same “Joker” prompted him to choose Joaquin Phoenix for the role of Napoleon in the new film.

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