Atmospheric screenshot of the remake of “Gothic” shows the life of the inhabitants of the Old Camp


THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive are regularly releasing new concept art for the Gothic remake. It’s been a few weeks since the last post featuring a Skeleton Mage, so it’s time for a new one.

True, this time it is not a monster that is shown, but a frame from the Old Camp. The screenshot shows how a couple of diggers roast on a spit, it seems, Snapper. They are watched by a member of the Brotherhood of the Sleeper who smokes marsh weed. The digger in the background is possibly Mud, who is just waiting to go on one of his many adventures with the Nameless One.
I must say that all this looks quite atmospheric. In addition, the screenshot shows some changes in the design of the Old Camp. However, they are so insignificant that it is impossible to confuse this place with any other. The improved color scheme of the game is also noteworthy – thanks to the use of more shades of brown, it evokes stronger associations with the “dusty” original than the teaser for “Old Camp”, presented in December 2022.

We will probably get more information about the remake this Friday. This is because the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase will take place on that day.

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