Armored Core 6 Tops Steam Chart, Overtaking Baldur’s Gate 3


Never underestimate gamers’ insatiable appetite for giant robot battles. That appetite propelled Armored Core 6 to number one on Steam’s global sales charts more than a decade after the release of the last numbered game in the series, displacing Baldur’s Gate 3 from number one.

In a summer filled with huge releases, few could have predicted that Armored Core 6 would be able to find such a large audience. The phenomenal success of last year’s Elden Ring certainly didn’t hurt. Speaking to GameIndustry.biz, Bandai Namco Europe CEO Arno Muller explained that Elden Ring provided FromSoftware with a “guarantee of quality” among fans.

Bandai Namco, publisher of the series, explained that its “ambition is not up to Elden Ring, it’s a lot bigger than previous Armored Core games”. Still, debuting at the top of the Steam charts is a huge achievement for a series that hasn’t seen a new game since 2013’s Armored Core: Verdict Day. While FromSoftware became best known for Dark Souls and Elden Ring, Armored Core played a huge role in the developer becoming a quality game maker. Whether it can hold onto the top spot against Starfield, already ranked fourth ahead of its September 6th release, may be unlikely, but the hype around Armored Core 6 is impressive nonetheless.

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