According to some first impressions, Starfield is in perfect condition.


The Starfield is in excellent condition, at least according to first impressions reported by colteastwood. He said the game was “flawless”. In principle, there are no serious errors in Bethesda’s latest work, at least not such that could spoil the impression of the game. If that’s the case, then Microsoft’s time spent refining the game, including postponing the release by almost a year, should have paid off.

It should be noted that colteastwood does not speak for himself, but only conveys the impressions of people from the press who have already tried the game:

Starfield is flawless! First impressions are already very positive, this is a completely new experience, a new intellectual property, and not just another sequel in a sea of sequels! Xbox exclusive in three weeks!!!

What’s more, he also confirmed that Bethesda has already begun giving away codes for reviews.

It is worth clarifying that colteastwood is a well-known figure in the Xbox community, so his words may be deliberately exaggerated. However, the possibility that Starfield will come out unproblematic, ie. won’t be a classic Bethesda game full of bugs is very good news in itself given the history of the company.

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