A review on Starfield appeared on the network ahead of time: the reviewer was very pleased with the game


Today, a review leaked ahead of time from a rather popular Brazilian blogger in local circles, Cortes do Davy Jones, to whom Bethesda sent a copy of Starfield in advance for a full review. At the moment, the review video, which was mistakenly published ahead of time, has already been deleted, however, Portuguese-speaking users described the main points from his review (does not contain spoilers):

  • He praised the graphics and the ships, saying they looked incredible;
  • He also praised the performance: the blogger played it on an Xbox Series X, and according to him, the performance was much better compared to other recently released games. Although the game runs at 30fps, he noted that the game manages to hide this very well and even at 30fps it is able to provide the player with a smooth gaming experience. On the downside, he attributed the presence of a fairly large number of loading screens in the game;
  • The characters are interesting, in the spirit of Bethesda, but their facial animations are very disappointing. Although they have improved over previous games, they are still somewhere in between or below average;
  • He played on the normal difficulty level and according to him the AI was stupid, but nevertheless he still did not let the player sit back and forced him to constantly move during the battle. He did not test how the AI behaves on higher difficulties. However, according to him – the more he played the game, the more he forgot about what he did not like about it. He said that on normal difficulty the game is quite easy. The blogger noted that each weapon has a good sense of weight;
  • Quests turned out to be very exciting, able to keep the player at the screen. He claims to have spent many nights trying to complete certain quests as soon as possible because they intrigued him so much. He didn’t talk much about the main campaign so as not to give out spoilers, but he says it’s a very good and by far the best story campaign from Bethesda;
  • One of his criticisms of the game was the lack of a guidebook and detailed mini-map. It is extremely difficult to navigate it: the player is often lost in a huge city and has no idea what to do. According to him, the game will get much better when manuals start to come out, since the game itself does not explain most of its mechanics to the player, leaving him lost and forcing him to understand them on the fly;
  • There has been criticism of inventory management, which he says is very limited – his ship only holds 400 kilograms. According to him, the inventory is always full and because of this, the character cannot run normally, so it was difficult for him to focus on getting something, because both the character and the ship carry little weight;
  • Ship battles are not some kind of climax of the game. They get significantly better when the player gets a better ship, but it still didn’t become something that could surprise him much.

He rated the game 8.5 points, noting that it is a very good game, with incredible graphics and atmosphere, huge cities to explore, exciting missions, interesting characters and enjoyable gameplay.

Despite the fact that the estimate may seem rather low by modern standards to many, people who subscribe to him note that he is quite strict on the estimates of all projects in principle. For example, the recent Forspoken received 4.5 points from him.

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